Snowmobile Update

I want to update all you sledders on trail conditions from our door!  At this time, the main trail north to Chassell is under water and closed, prob for the season unless it really freezes hard and stays cold for a long time…….  the trail that goes through Alston is also inaccessible as the bridge is out, they tell me.  We have been telling you all that to go north, you have to go down to the Sidnaw way and then go up through the middle of the peninsula, or trailer your sleds to Houghton and gain access under the bridge to head north.  Access from here to the casino is sketchy, varies day by day as you have to ride part way on a gravel road which at times is pretty gravelly.  I do not mean to discourage your business, I just want you all to be happy with your stay!


Tell us how you feel.

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